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Looking for a Spanish purebred horse? We’re the stud farm you need. Whether you’re a professional or just for fun, you’ll be sure to find your dream horse. Discover the magic and beauty of our horses, their functionality and their soul.

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The Stud FarmExcellence in P.R.E. horse breeding

The Stud Farm

In about 2004 we started a wonderful project with SPANISH HORSE. That’s when we started buying some P.R.E. animals. It was the dream of breeding a Spanish horse with a black and brown coat, coupled with a passion for these horses, that led the family to embark on this exciting lifestyle, and to take on the wonderful job of BREEDING SPANISH HORSES.

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Our Breeding StockBreeders of the best horses

  • History

    At first we drew on the practices of the military stud farm to begin the search to find the dream horse that every horse enthusiast has in mind.
    In most of the old prestigious breeding stocks there was a recurring note: From the Military Stud Farm.
    This raised the question: Why have almost all the important farms brought in stallions from this stud farm?
    We found a very simple explanation: The military bred these species for their own use and what they needed most of all were strong animals, fit for working, good looking and easy to integrate quickly into their units without them having to spend much time in training or in useless struggles; what was most important was the horse’s willingness and obedience. And finally, they needed animals strong enough to endure long hours on the march and to stand up to the rigors of military discipline.

    All this is the reason why for a few years we relied on "Lego," "Cepellón" (Lebrijano III line) "Femento" "Esencial" (Albero II line) and "Velero." Later we gradually turned to the offspring from our stock and our mares from Marqués de Domecq. Today "Regent XV" Marqués de San Gil line (María Fernanda de la Escalera line) is replenishing the stock. Females recognized for their temperament and functionality, specially selected at Casa Domecq to sustain that breeding stock and later the stock of the Royal School of Equestrian Art in Jerez de la Frontera.
  • Facilities

    The Candiota Stud Farm is located at a spot known as the fountain of health in Alcalá la Real. In the midst of thyme, olive trees and cornicabras our horses are bred in semi-free conditions. The climate and the altitude are features that make the horses grow with the hardiness and strength provided by the Sierra Subbética.

    Our facilities include:

    Yard for stallions with 6 stables and a tack room.
    Fenced area for mares and breeding.
    Pens for a breeding station, where mares with offspring can be comfortable without fights or accidents involving their foals.
    Six 4x3m delivery areas for pre-natal confinement.
    Veterinary examination room.
    Walker for adult animals, preparation for competitions or physical fitness.
    Pens for the animals to develop by age and gender, avoiding stress or unwanted accidents.
    40x20m training track.

  • A first-class group of people including a vet, a farrier, grooms and the common denominator of professionalism and respect for horses.

Horses for saleEnjoy the best breeds

Canastero Can I

Canastero Can I

Exceptional chestnut tree with powerful movements, which stand out above all for its breadth.

Dueño can II

Dueño can II

Filly with great beauty and a smooth gait. Gene pool of two lines recognized for many years for thei…

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Compartimos con todos nuestros amigos y seguidores, todas las noticias relacionadas con pura raza español, y con esta vuestra casa, yeguada candiota. En esta ocasión la evolución de una potra...


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Hoy toca compartir con todos nuestros amigos, la evolución de dueño can, pura raza española, castrado y con una doma avanzada. Le permite ser un caballo útil para cualquier aficionado...


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Tal como compartiamos con vosostros haces unas semanas, canastero can, empezo su trabajo de preparacion, ya hoy podemos decir que está siendo un placer trabajar con él. Tiene unas cualidades...


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Progresando...canastero can

Canastero es un potro con tres aires de gran calidad, mucha cadencia, regularidad y un paso de gran amplitud. Su temperamento es inmejorable. Se trata de un caballo válido para...


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Caballo PRE de tres años, que destaca por su fuerza, gran carácter y grandes cualidades para la doma clásica. Mide 1.65 en la actualidad con proporcionalidad y adherencia al tipo...


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Dichoso can II nos deja

Dichoso nos deja para partir viaje hacia Alemania, seguro que conseguirá hacer felices a esta gran familia, aficionada al mundo del caballo. Estamos seguros que podan disfrutar de un pura raza...


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Con un gran dolor, hoy tenemos que comunicaros a todos los que nos seguís, a nuestros amigos y a la gran familia del mundo del caballo que se nos ha...


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Época de desparasitaciones en la yeguada

Comienza la primavera época de cambios en todos los miembros de la yeguada, se cae el pelo largo de invierno, se inicia otro manejo en la alimentación, la temperatura y...


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