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Spanish Purebred colts

Our Spanish Purebred colts for sale are really beautiful.
Mainly chestnuts, but also available in brown and black.
All descendants of our P.R.E. mares.
We offer the possibility of buying colts from an excellent genealogical line with the same racial purity as their ancestors, and at a very good price.

Our breeding activities are based on our love of horses, and we are rewarded each season with new stables of healthy, strong specimens with very good morphology.

We will keep you updated on developments about horse breeding at our Spanish Purebred stud farm through our Blog; we want to make it an interesting read for horse lovers.

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Candiota Stud farm, specialists in breeding Spanish Purebred Horses (PRE).


Candiota Stud farm
C/ Luis de Gongora 13, 18620 Alhendín - Granada

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