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Decidido can

Pure Spanish Breed colt, chestnut, beautiful with wide, elastic steps.
Featured as an example of three very correct and harmonious gaits; outstanding for his extended trot and great knee action. Training process just started; with natural qualities that never cease to amaze us.
We believe he can give a great deal of fun due to his docile character and his ability to learn.


Dichoso can II

Impressive Spanish Purebred Horse. Based on his racial and genetic makeup, nobility, heart and strength in its heights, possibly a future stallion. From Dichosa, a mare on our own farm and a mother who has been good for producing studs, and on the paternal side from the Lebrijano III line. A horse that has managed to demonstrate mobility and willingness to work at all the farms where he has been a stud.


Defensor can

PRE colt with flawless morphology in all three gaits, and the hindquarters to push hard and exert strength forcefully.
From a genetic line of gaited horses with the height and muscle development to start training. We believe he will be a versatile horse, suited for any discipline. Some of his older brothers are giving great performances in harness-racing.


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Candiota Stud farm, specialists in breeding Spanish Purebred Horses (PRE).


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